Are dates good for pregnancy?

ou cannot turn out wrong with the use of dates when it comes to sweet and healthy replacement of snacks during the pregnancy. In all honesty, this naturally sundried organic fruit probably will not be on your attention list. However, eating a handful of dates is more nutritious than to someone’s realization. Let us figure out the healthy relationship between dates and pregnancy.

Are dates healthy in your pregnancy? 

Whether a pregnant woman can eat dates or not? 

How healthy can dates be for the baby? 

What impacts eating dates during pregnancy have on the baby in the womb?

Please continue reading and get your surprising answers to the health benefits of dates.

Date benefits during the pregnancy:

No doubt, that it is essential to eat healthy, nutritious, and balanced food at all times. But when you are pregnant, it becomes obligatory to keep a check of your food list. Because your diet is the main source of nutrients that will nourish the baby. 

Dates are highly rich in calories, fiber, protein, iron, folate, fat, vitamin-K, potassium, and magnesium. The mother needs a good percentage of magnesium and potassium as they are highly required during pregnancy. Dates have high-calorie content in them so, a great source of energy during pregnancy.

The following are some of the advantages a date can offer to you and your baby while being on your pregnancy period. 

  • Provides the mother with an instant energy boost

Dates being immensely nutrient-dense is a good source of natural sugar called fructose. It breaks down easily that helps fight off pregnancy fatigue by boosting energy levels. Dates being the low GI fruit are the safest, especially for the diabetic mother as they are less likely to spike the sugar levels in the blood because the sugar consumption in the blood is slow. It is a healthier source of satisfying your sweet tooth instead of opting for chocolate or ice- cream cravings a win-win.

  • Prevent Constipation and aids digestion

Constipation is a common problem during pregnancy. Dates have an ample amount of fiber in them. Thus, it helps in combating this problem by aiding digestion and preventing constipation.

  • Regulates the cholesterol levels

Dates being the Gluten-free fruit helps regulate the cholesterol level of the body and keeps the weight under control. 

  • Supplies the body with high-quality protein and amino acids

Dates are rich in protein that is excessively required for proper fetal development. The protein then aids in the production of amino acids that boost the pregnant woman’s energy level.

  • Prevents congenital disabilities in the fetus

Folate or folic acid in dates is very much helpful in keeping the congenital disabilities in the baby. It is essential for fetal brain and spinal cord development. If you have blood deficiency, then dates are very helpful for you.

  • Supplies the baby with vitamin K

 Majority of the babies are born with low levels of vitamin-K. Consuming dates during this period will ensure that your baby is getting the necessary levels of vitamin-K. It is needed for blood clotting and proper bone development. 

  • Prevents anemia during pregnancy

Dates supply the mother with the required amount of iron. Iron maintains hemoglobin levels and boosts immunity in both mother and the baby. Sufficient iron levels in pregnant women prevent anemia.

  • Helps in the proper development of fetal bones and teeth

The high magnesium content in it is also helpful for the woman as well as the baby for the proper development of the bones and teeth. It also regulates blood sugar and blood pressure levels during pregnancy.

  • Helps in late pregnancy and post-delivery

If you eat dates during your last trimester and your last month, it facilitates your delivery as well. It highly smoothens your delivery. It will keep the level of oxytocin right in your body. This oxytocin helps in increasing the sensitivity of the uterus during delivery. Eating dates not only obviate your difficulty and problems but also abates the risk to you and your baby during delivery. After delivery, dates are highly important in the production of breast milk for the baby.

The takeaway:

Dates are jam-packed with many essential vitamins and minerals and are also highly rich in antioxidant properties. This versatile fruit can be used as a healthy substitute in so many forms to your food including, date paste, date smoothie, date sugar, date syrup, etc. It provides many health benefits and helps in reducing the risk of diseases.

As this power pack food is highly rich in carbohydrates and calories. It is recommended that you limit yourself to 3-7 dates a day.