Let’s Date Forms a New Distribution Partnership with United Gross

Through its new distribution partnership, Let’s Date plans to expand sales to Europe IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 14, 2022 — Let’s Date – the Irvine, California-based health-conscious and date product-focused brand – is excited to announce that it has formed a new distribution partnership with United Gross that will help it expand sales […]

Agave Syrup, Date Syrup, and Maple Syrup – A Cloying Comparison

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Caution: The write up below is illicitly oversweet. It will be undeniably challenging to control your sugar cravings. We live in a world with a never-ending list of sugary sources. Once you start reading the labels, you will get acquainted with the measureless guise of sweeteners from dextrose to fructose to sucrose to molasses to incessant […]

The Battle of Better Paste – Date Paste vs. Fig Paste

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What comes to your mind when someone talks about pastes and spread? We reckon it would surely be chocolate spread or peanut butter. Why is there less emphasis given to healthy and nutritious selections, such as date paste or fig paste? The commercialization of products has made it so challenging for us to go for […]

Unveiling the Truth of Date Sugar, Cane Sugar, and Coconut Sugar

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There has been a lot of discussions and debates about how sugary substance has become a food staple, the implications of sugar on our health, and which sugar source should be the ultimate choice. The internet is riddled with countless blogs and articles, and it seems that marketing ploys have made it almost impossible for […]